Training for Teachers

Our approach to training teachers is multilayered, and focuses on developing the skills to design deep and rigorous learning experiences, and on the relationships and structures needed to cultivate a powerful professional learning community.

Method Seminars and Design Laboratories

Method Seminars are 2-4 hour workshops which can be deepened into a Design Lab if time permits. All seminars are conducted using cooperative learning pedagogy to maximize teacher engagement and retention of the information, and to model instructional strategies.

Design Laboratories are 1-5 day project-based trainings that have a product outcome using a specific pedagogical approach - from a lesson to an entire curriculum design.   Design Labs are often built around Method Seminar  topics, but incorporate significant planning and collaborative time built into the day.  Teachers synthesize and apply new ideas, discuss them deeply, design curricula and/or lessons, share plans, and get feedback.
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Teacher Coaching

Teacher Coaching takes place in the context of implementation of the strategies learned in the Method Seminars and Design Laboratories.  Teachers meet with the coach individually or in groups to plan lessons, refine curricula, and discuss implementation challenges.
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Rounds and School Visits

Instructional Rounds are a powerful vehicle for collective school change.  Teachers visit each others’ classrooms, collecting low-inference data using a particular framework related to an area of school change, and then synthesize observations together into trends, creating plans to develop their own instructional methods.

School visits give opportunities for teachers to have the same experience as instructional rounds, but in a context where there may be teaching approaches that are not present in your school. They are an excellent way to develop teacher leadership, and expand the collective vision of your school community.

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