Teacher Coaching

Teacher Coaching takes place in the context of implementation of the strategies learned in the Method Seminars and Design Laboratories.  Teachers meet with the coach individually or in groups to plan lessons, refine curricula, and discuss implementation challenges.

Structures for ongoing work with teachers include:

  • Planning – Observation – Feedback loops focused on classroom methods
  • Critical Friends’ Group facilitation based on grade-level or subject-area
  • Lesson Study between teachers in the same subject
  • Data-Based Differentiation planning

Kathleen CushmanTeacher-Leadership Coaching supports you in developing distributed leadership to move your initiatives forward:

  • Training lead-teachers to coach other teachers
  • Training teachers to lead weekly grade team and subject team meetings
  • Training teachers to lead critical friends’ groups
  • Training teachers to lead workshops for other teachers on their strongest skills

With the exception of group facilitation, all teacher training can be done remotely via video conferencing.