Instructional Rounds and School visits

Seeing instructional methods in action can be a crucial moment in a teachers’ pedagogical development.  Often when teachers hear about new approaches, they cannot fully visualize how they work, or they believe that these cannot be implemented in the context in which they work.

Through Instructional Rounds and School visits, teachers can experience different methodologies first-hand, and plan next steps for their own practice.

  • Instructional Rounds are a powerful vehicle for collective school change.  Teachers visit each others’ classrooms, collecting low-inference data using a particular framework related to an area of school change, and then synthesize observations together into trends, creating plans to develop their own instructional methods.  Another form of instructional round involves each teacher spending a day shadowing a student, to understand the need for learning supports and varied modalities across subjects.  It is a great wake-up call for teaching teams about the need for collaboration!  Instructional rounds can be led by Transformative School trainers, or planned by school leadership with the trainer and carried out in-house.

  • School visits give opportunities for teachers to have the same experience as instructional rounds, but in a context where there may be teaching approaches that are not present in your school. They are an excellent way to develop teacher leadership, and expand the collective vision of your school community.  These can be conducted locally, or internationally.  In some cases video technology can be used to do international school visits remotely.  School visits are always coupled with discussions and planning sessions that move the vision forward in your own school.