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    Training for Teachers

    Training Teachers to be Curriculum Designers for Deeper Learning

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    Training for School Leaders

    Strategic School Planning and Professional Development for School Leaders

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    Who We Are

    Experience in a Wide Variety of School Models

All Schools Can Be Transformative Schools

Transformative Schools Educational Design supports the development of powerful learning communities by offering coaching, trainings, and leadership structures that build deeper learning.

Work with each school is tailored to fit its particular mission, vision, population, and design, but there is a common theme of intentionally developing lasting learning experiences and school structures to help students to become the world’s next creative leaders and problem-solvers.

What are learning conditions that lead to powerful thinking?

  • Complex and interesting tasks that require students to synthesize information they have learned
  • Opportunities to discuss, debate, and critique
  • Applying classroom learning to real-world situations in ways that matter
  • Developing a sense of authorship and investment in personally meaningful work
  • Having instruction tailored to ability, learning style, and social-emotional development

What are school structures that support the development of these learning environments:

  • Teacher planning and collaboration that foster professional growth and innovation
  • Feedback and support from school leaders that is efficient and supportive of continuous instructional improvement
  • Student schedules that offer opportunities for deeper learning experiences and the development of leadership skills

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Join us in bringing the structures of schooling to the foreground for analysis and mindful planning in order to have a powerful impact on the lives of young people, and on their development into the world’s next generation of problem-solvers and visionaries!

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